JAIMIE wakes up everyday to see this world from a new lens of camera each time. His style of photography is natural, instinctive, candid and just mesmerizing. Someone who can make snowfall look like paradise. He is a know-it-all photographer who has recently fallen in love with drones too. So, the next time you see that aerial shot you know who's behind the lens. Jaimie is young and full of so much energy that he even fixed a bed in his jeep for all the super fun adventure rides. Jaimie is a sought after photographer for candid couple pictures but he can fill in as good emotions in poducts too, through his camera.

Jaimie loves to be outdoors as much possible. In the alps, forests, on mountains, cliffs, beaches, rivers and you name it he'll be there. He spends a lot of time capturing beautiful outdoor moments.

"Instead of focusing on the competition, we focus on the customer."

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