Over 50% of dentists actually use the internet as a strong promotional tool and are even doing well. Do you know what differentiates you from them? When you choose Midas Click, your authenticity and wisdom is highlighted amidst a bunch of adverts, with smart tactics that establish trust and build a mindset in front of users. Several times people fetch solutions on the internet for acute dental pain or even something unbearable. We make sure that you are found.


To highlight yourself as a popular Dentist in Canada or US or any where across the globe, you can rely the best of our services customized for you. Every year, more than a million searches happen for ‘Dentists near me’ in the US & Canada cumulatively. With mind-boggling tactics that not only elevate your business, we focus on your beneficial approaches towards the betterment of patients, making them believe in you..

Your online presence is like a visiting card. If it’s given to the right person at the right time, you bet they are in. We make sure to craft a strategy for your online presence based on your targets audience, your USPs, your expertise and the emotional benefit that you offer. Eventually, it’s all about a heart-to-heart connection with your patients. When you have that, each patient is like a family. MidasClick is good at doing this and showing you valid results. Try us, you wont be let down. See you soon!


  • We at Midas Click draft SEO strategies that help patients reach out to you easily and you get a good response. With keywords that are carefully chosen, the intent is to increase your website’s search engine ranking so people don’t have to look any downwards but straight away visit you and become your patients. Just a small glimpse of how Google Adwords work – when a user spends more time on your website, Google thinks your website has more engagement and hence your website starts to appear in the top search result. Isn’t that something!

  • Don’t you love it when you use a website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly? Well, that’s what we are going to do with your company’s website. With an intuitive website designed by us, when people reach out to you through this website, they’re going to have the most comfortable time browsing through your services. Websites make a ton of difference, and we all know that if it’s lagging behind in any way, you lose out on a potential client anytime. Our IT Team & Designing Team come together to work on detailed codes and smooth functioning of the website so that both the purposes are solved.

  • Another way we can improve your ranking and online presence are through customized usage of Google AdWords. It works fantastically for you to be visible on the search engine. With engaging campaigns designed by us, you’ll appear on the top every time someone wants a dentist in their city. The campaigns define your services in crisp terms and have interactive elements that attract people, making them think they were just looking for you.

  • Facebook and Instagram are two such platforms that are extensively used. And our Social Media Marketing for dentists will leave you in absolute shock when you will witness the number of leads arriving on your Facebook & Instagram pages. Millions of people in Canada use social media day in and day out. It has become a part of their everyday life. Now imagine being in the eyes of at least half of them! The viewership and response will be fabulous, and we know your services are amazing to convert them from mere leads to clients who never leave your side.